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[caption id="attachment_359" align="alignright" width="180"] BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Case in point. Froonium isn't proto-nuclear. Case in point. Froonium isn't proto-nuclear.[/caption]

Science quiz! Which of these is the least scientifically plausible.

  1. An alien species can project heat rays that can fry humans dead... or serve as a powerful truth serum.

  2. A society has developed a liquid “litmus test”: just dab a drop on your lips and kiss someone, Invega for sale. If the kiss tastes sweet, your DNA is compatible for having healthy children.

  3. They've also got technology that can turn people into metallic statues.., BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. and back again. While you're a statue, you remain fully conscious, Invega 500mg, you can see and hear just fine, and you don't age. If your statue's head is lasered off, it can be reattached with no ill effects.

  4. A human wearing no protective gear jumps out of a spaceship in orbit, spends a minute in vacuum.., Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee. and survives.

If you answered #4, you're not alone... BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, but you're incorrect. All the above are from Farscape's “Look at the Princess” trilogy of episodes, 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, to which a lot of viewers reacted “No way. That just couldn't happen!” And they weren't talking about #1 or #2 or #3... few even blinked at those. No, it was #4 that got people flustered, buy Invega without prescription.

(Well, okay, some of our fans were far more perturbed that our hero had sex with someone other than our heroine.., BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. but that's a different discussion entirely.)

Everybody “knows” you can't survive in outer space. But as it happens, #4 was one time – possibly the only time – that Farscape got its science more or less right. Where can i find Invega online, Humans exposed to vacuum do not promptly blow up like balloons and explode. Their eyeballs don't pop, their blood doesn't boil, nor do they instantly freeze solid. BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, In fact, according to NASA, if you don't try to hold your breath, half a minute or so of vacuum exposure won't damage you permanently.

(EDITED TO ADDSlate's "Bad Astronomy" blogger Phil Plait also covered this topic.., Invega withdrawal. and check out these amazing drawings by Nathan Hoste of what doesn't happen to "Bodies in Space"!)

So why could viewers accept “truth rays” and living statues and DNA kiss tests, but not a suitless space walk. Because what's true is rarely what's believable. Comprar en línea Invega, comprar Invega baratos,

Mirror, Mirror

It's often said that “art holds up a mirror to life.” Well, if it's a mirror, it's a distorted funhouse mirror, designed not for accurate reflections but for caricature, Invega samples, exaggeration, and analogy. And one big difference between art and life is that art has to make sense, BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

In a way, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, art has to be “more realistic” than real life. To borrow William Goldman's example (from his book Adventures in the Screen Trade): Let's say you're writing a story in which Nick, your square-jawed hero, must have a private talk with the Queen of England, and the only way Nick can do that is to sneak into Buckingham Palace at night and find the Queen alone, kjøpe Invega online, bestill Invega online. How would you plot it.

  1. Nick, in a high-tech radar-invisible ninja suit, Where can i buy cheapest Invega online, hang-glides onto the palace roof undetected, then silently renders the guards unconscious with tranquilizer darts or karate chops. BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Nick must then circumvent a corridor crisscrossed with laser beams by crawling on the ceiling like Spider-Man or by contorting his body through the gaps or by diverting the beams with mirrors... etc.

  2. Nick follows Sir Smedley, a member of the royal staff, to his local pub, buy cheap Invega. Nick picks Smedley's pocket for his security pass, dons a latex face mask to disguise himself as Smedley, and... Invega 150mg, etc.

  3. Nick assembles a crack team. The Teenage Hacker disables the security system. The Hot Blonde puts the moves on the palace's security chief to distract him, BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. The Crazy Demolitions Expert blasts a tunnel into the palace basement so Nick can... etc.

  4. Nick, in jeans and dirty T-shirt, order Invega from mexican pharmacy, climbs over the barbed-wired outer walls, strolls around the palace, and enters through an open window. Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas, But the inner door's locked, so he goes back out and keeps walking. This triggers two alarms – but Security assumes they're both malfunctions and does nothing. BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Nick climbs a drainpipe, cuts through an empty office, and wanders the palace halls. There's a man posted outside the Queen's bedroom... but at the moment, order Invega online c.o.d, he's off walking the Queen's dogs, so Nick walks right in. The Queen awakes and tries to summon the palace police with her bedside phone. Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The operator passes on the message, but the police don't respond. Nick chats with the Queen for ten minutes before a chambermaid enters, sees Nick, and summons help...

I highly doubt you'd choose #4 for fear your readers would pelt you with fruit, BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Who'd believe it. Yet #4 is exactly what happened on July 9, 1982, Invega over the counter, when 31-year-old Michael Fagan walked unchallenged into the bedroom of Queen Elizabeth II.

That's Incredible

Storytelling demands credibility, not truth. Invega from canadian pharmacy, We don't expect fiction to be true; we accept that it takes place in “parallel universes” (hey, kind of like Sliders)... BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, worlds that resemble our own, but aren't. In so-called “mainstream” fiction, the parallel universe often isn't all that different from ours... the only changes from “our” Earth might be the specific characters and events the author's invented, 400mg, 450mg.

In science fiction, however, some of the universe's underlying rules get changed. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, It's arguably a defining characteristic of science fiction that it deals with “what would happen if” the rules were different. What if we could travel faster than light and encounter alien lifeforms, BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. What if we could journey into the past or turn invisible or communicate telepathically.

If we change too many of the rules too drastically, we leave science fiction and enter the realm of fantasy. What if magic worked, Invega 75mg. What if dragons or sorcerers or faeries or unicorns existed. BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Or, for that matter, Hobbits. Nobody mistook the Lord of the Rings films for documentaries, but they cleaned up at the box office. Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon, Tolkien's world wasn't “true”... but it was, for storytelling purposes, believable. It felt real, buy Invega without a prescription.

What makes even a magical fantasy universe believable, BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Part of the answer is logical consistency. It's usually not the altered rules we have difficulty buying; it's the exceptions to those rules.

As example, Order Invega no prescription, I'll make up a story about Superman. We already know the rules of the Superman universe, right. BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, He's a nearly invulnerable alien being, but the radiation of a substance called Kryptonite is deadly to him. Well, in my story, buy Invega online no prescription, Superman chases a bad guy who pulls out a huge chunk of Kryptonite. But the Kryptonite has no effect whatever, so Superman jails the bad guy. Buy generic Invega, The end.

You're shouting at me, aren't you. “Whaddya mean, the end, BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Why didn't the Kryptonite work. You have to explain that!” And you're absolutely right, purchase Invega online. If I expect you to like my Superman story, I do need to explain... not the rules, Australia, uk, us, usa, but the exception. BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Moreover, the explanation should feel consistent with the universe, and not just something I pulled out of my, uh, hat to get out of a jam. “Well, it's also been established that lead blocks Kryptonite's harmful rays, so I'll simply explain that Supes covered himself with a lead-based 'sunscreen'... and then in my next story, when I need Kryptonite to be deadly again, I'll explain that the villain's now using hyper-enhanced, Froonium-enriched Kryptonite that can penetrate Superman's sunscreen...” (And I'll bet you'll have tuned me out by then.)

Of course, one viewer's handwave (“It doesn't quite make sense, but I'll let it pass”) is another viewer's fanwank (“no, it works fine if you just assume facts X and Y and Z which the writers didn't bother to tell us”)... and yet another's “Teenage vampires. Jeez, can't we watch something real, like wrestling?” We all have different thresholds of disbelief-suspension, often depending how much we do know about the “real” rules. Cops, for instance, find CSI hilarious, BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Doctors guffaw at House and ER. And defense lawyers still explain how courtrooms actually work to prospective jurors, because too many of them expect the defense to not only prove the defendant's innocence but also to expose the actual guilty party like Perry Mason always did.

For this is a danger of fiction: that people get so familiar with its altered rules and dramatic conventions that they mistake them for truth. If you thought a human would instantly explode/freeze/perish in vacuum, it's probably because you've seen it happen that way in far too many movies and tv shows. (An exception for 2001: A Space Odyssey BUY Invega ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, ; they got the man-in-vacuum scene right.)

Drama can be entertaining, uplifting, cathartic, and inspiring. But educational. Put it this way: anything you “learn” from fiction demands a second opinion. Don't get your daily fruit and fiber from jelly doughnuts... don't take financial-planning advice from lottery commercials... and don't get your science from science fiction. As the liquor advertisements always say: “Please enjoy our product responsibly.”.

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[caption id="attachment_245" align="alignright" width="210" caption="Singing the praises of genre TV: The author (left) harmonizes with a Scarran named Wolesh (right)."]Ricky + Wolesh[/caption]

“Genre” television BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, — science fiction, fantasy, and other so-called “non-mainstream” shows — is expensive, tough to produce, and tougher to produce well.

The occasional breakout hit notwithstanding, Anti Flu Face Mask 75mg, it's also a niche product, constantly struggling to corral enough viewers to survive. And it's next to invisible at the Emmys or BAFTAs, Anti Flu Face Mask 800mg, 875mg, 900mg.

In short, Anti Flu Face Mask 625mg,650mg, it gets no respect.

So why do we make it.

Two simple reasons: money and groupies, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

All right, Anti Flu Face Mask 100mg, I confess: there's a third reason... Farmacia Anti Flu Face Mask baratos, Anti Flu Face Mask online kaufen, Director Orson Welles said that a film studio was “the biggest electric train set any boy ever had.”

Well, making a genre TV series is like playing with a train set and a squadron of radio-controlled model airplanes and a Build-Your-Own-Robot Kit and a HyperGameStationPlayCubeXii2 all at once . , Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon. .

It's fun. BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Now it's true that by the ninth week of production, we bleary-eyed producers will be swearing that the next series we work on will be Forty-Four Minutes of Two Actors Sitting Around Talking. Anti Flu Face Mask withdrawal, No aliens, no spaceships, no CGI, köpa Anti Flu Face Mask online, Osta Anti Flu Face Mask online, Jotta Anti Flu Face Mask verkossa, no prosthetics, Anti Flu Face Mask from canadian pharmacy, no pyrotechnics, no animatronics, no weird costumes, buy cheap Anti Flu Face Mask, sets, Comprar en línea Anti Flu Face Mask, comprar Anti Flu Face Mask baratos, makeup, or props . , buy Anti Flu Face Mask from canada. . Where can i buy cheapest Anti Flu Face Mask online, no weird anything.

Don't you believe it. We'd be bored out of our skulls in two acts flat, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

You haven't lived until you've spent eight hours in a writers' room with six madmen and madwomen having a violent argument about the logic of time paradoxes.

Or pondered, Anti Flu Face Mask 150mg, in a production meeting, Anti Flu Face Mask samples, what color(s) the Alien of the Week's bodily fluid(s) should be. (“No, we did lime green two episodes ago on the Tavloids, kjøpe Anti Flu Face Mask online, bestill Anti Flu Face Mask online, remember. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, How about red-orange?” “Naah, it won't show up well 'cause the creature's scales are gonna be orange. BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Maybe purple?”)

Or sat in a screening room during a final sound mix and been blown away by an episode that's finally all put together — with astonishing computer graphics, thundering sound effects, and a stunning musical score.

What's more, where can i find Anti Flu Face Mask online, this stuff's also fun to write. Where else can you tell stories like these. Acheter en ligne Anti Flu Face Mask, acheter Anti Flu Face Mask bon marché,

  • A planet of primitive aliens mistakes a visiting human for a god — and prepares a human sacrifice.

  • A living spaceship gives birth to a dangerous, weapons-laden offspring with a bad attitude.

  • A person links minds with a wolf — and gets a rush from commanding it to kill.

  • A lost human traveler finally returns to Earth, only to find that: (1) this Earth is just a gigantic alien simulation; (2) he never left and it was merely a weird dream, Anti Flu Face Mask pharmacy, or; (3) Earth's real, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, but it ain't home no more.

Really, there's not much one can't write in a genre show. A musical, where can i buy Anti Flu Face Mask online. Joss did it on Buffy. A Looney-Tunes-style cartoon, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, DK did it on Farscape. Horror movie. Fifties perfect-world sitcom, where can i order Anti Flu Face Mask without prescription. Existential surrealism. BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Cops. Anti Flu Face Mask over the counter, Bug-eyed monsters. Western with ray guns. Been there, online buy Anti Flu Face Mask without a prescription, done those, Buy Anti Flu Face Mask online cod, had a blast.

Oh, I suppose this is where I ought to blather on about speculative fiction speaking to the human condition as no other genre can, purchase Anti Flu Face Mask online no prescription, presenting societal analogies and archetypal myths and bla bla bla.

And, you know, all that term-paper talk is true enough, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, The genre can pack a mean allegorical punch at times. There is actual nutritive value to be found now and again.

But that's part of what makes it fun: the ability to say Darned Near Anything, rx free Anti Flu Face Mask. To poke taboos with a sharp stick. BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, To extrapolate where no television has extrapolated before. To dream the impossible dream — sorry, didn't mean to turn this blog into a musical.

Okay, now that you've decided (correctly) that some (if not all) TV writer/producers are raving lunatics, let's talk about you.

Why do you watch this stuff.

(Assuming you do, of course. And other than the obvious reason that you possess above-average taste and intelligence, of course.)

I mean, folks, you're definitely in the minority, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Far more people have seen Law & Order or American Idol than have ever seen Smallville or Pushing Daisies.

And watchers of The Office don't get stigmatized as “geeks” or “nerds.” NCIS fans aren't generally advised to get a life. Show up for jury duty in a dress Susan wore on Desperate Housewives, nobody blinks twice. (Well, unless you're male.) But show up in a Starfleet uniform — and it makes it onto CNN.

Granted, some of you are almost as loony as we are. BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, But having met a fair number of you online, in
print, or in person, something else is clear to me:

Compared to the Vast Television Audience, you Genre Fans may be relatively low in number — but you're unbeatably high in passion.

You don't just watch, you participate. You discuss episodes in online chat rooms as you watch them. You create websites, fanfic, and vids. You attend conventions for your favorite shows, long after they're off the air. And you organize sustained, elaborate, and heartfelt campaigns to get your favorite shows back on the air.

Why. Why such intense devotion, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

I suspect that you could now blather about Futurism and Optimism and Romanticism and Escapism and Lotsofotherisms . . . but I suspect it would also boil down to this:

Sure, genre television can be challenging and inspiring and mind-expanding and all that, but first and foremost —

It's fun.

And, hey, that's a perfectly good enough answer for me.

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