RIP Andrew Prowse

We lost Andrew Prowse in December 2018… and I still don’t have coherent words… so please allow me to ramble a bit with a few random thoughts and memories. Continue reading “RIP Andrew Prowse”

Reflections upon Reflections on the 19th of March

Today being the day that it is, I had intended to write a pithy and poignant post reminiscing about my happy days on Farscape…

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RIP Harry Harrison

Paperback book cover of Harry Harrison's Two Tales and Eight Tomorrows
The first SF book I ever bought, and still one of my favorites.

Science fiction author and SFWA Grand Master Harry Harrison (the Deathworld series, the Stainless Steel Rat series, the novel Make Room! Make Room! which was the basis for the film Soylent Green, the satirical Bill, the Galactic Hero series, and many, many, many more) has just passed away at the age of 87. Continue reading “RIP Harry Harrison”