Farscape at 20!

Scorpius from FARSCAPEHoly frell, Farscape premiered on Sci-FI twenty years ago.

There must be some error; I can’t possibly be that old…

Well, I’ve already reminisced and rambled about the significance of March 19th in this post, so I won’t repeat any of that nonsense here. And I’ve just posted a few pics and thoughts about Andrew Prowse in this post, so please go peek at that.

BUT! There is News! After being darn near impossible to SEE for quite a while (with no streaming going on and with the dvds and Blu-Rays being tough to find), Farscape has returned to the interwebs: all four seasons plus the miniseries are now available on Amazon Prime!

Spread the word! Make new converts! As Brian Henson said earlier today in a Facebook Live chat, the more people watch, the better the chances are that Farscape will continue.

Happy 20th, and here’s to many more!

4 thoughts on “Farscape at 20!”

  1. You big dag! Haven’t aged a bit – and I can’t believe it’s been twenty years. So much good stuff has happened – and the occasional not-so-good. From that first season, it was a trailblazer. I was at WOMAdelaide a week or two back, sitting listening to a riveting talk on fungi and plants, and my mind kept drifting to Zhaan. Just that character was trailblazing. Time to rewatch some key episodes, methinks.

  2. Off to watch! Let’s hope more of your penned episode are in our Farscape future!

  3. Best frelling show on TV! I’m thrilled that I can share it via Amazon Prime, since I can’t find half of my DVDs. lol PKOL forever! πŸ˜€

  4. When I was at The Farscape Con in Burbank, I met a fan (The man who won the jacket and had every star sign it). who had his birthday on and I shit you not Ricky 9/11. Gamtria, blows your mind. Where was the following Farscape Convention held? NY and who was there to view to a kill on 9/11?

    PS. I bet you miss that apartment in OZ, great view. πŸ™‚

    Don’t have any fear. Seriously, everything is unfolding and happening as it should. Yes, JFK Jr is alive and well and apart of the Q movement to take back Earth. We have already won. Its just cleaning up the mess is a bit difficult. Psychopaths never want to surrender.
    Yes, I am human. Kennedy blood line from Whales. Love to you Ricky, just hang on. πŸ™‚

    Cynthia (Olympiafishhead)

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