Farscape on Blu-Ray!

Farscape Blu-Ray boxed set
88 episodes! 427 commentaries! 13,034 special features!

The Farscape Blu-Ray release is now on sale! And a thing of beauty it is indeed.

However… it’s not entirely complete. Alas, here are the top ten things that were (sadly) omitted from the box set:

10.) Original profanity-laden dialog tracks before Sci Fi made us replace everything with “frell” and “dren”

9.) Discarded early version of the pilot ep “Premiere” with Guy Pearce and Cate Blanchett as Crichton and Aeryn

8.) Shelved script for Farscape/Buffy/Xena/SG1 crossover episode; fanfic writer from whom we stole it threatened lawsuit

7.) Rejected costume design sketches: Aeryn’s muumuu, Rygel’s thong, Scorpius’s tutu, Crichton’s plaid T

6.) Never-aired Episode 89, a backdoor pilot for Scorpius/Natira/Furlow spinoff sitcom

5.) New commentary tracks that comment on the previous commentary tracks (“What? That’s a LIE!”)

4.) Video of rehearsals for aborted live show featuring costumed ice skaters (aka “Farscapades”)

3.) Three words: Muppet Sex Tape (aka “Hynerial Disease,” a very special Rygel episode)

2.) Brian, Rock, DK, Monj, Ben, Claude, and Ricky doing dramatic readings of selected fanfic

And the number one thing omitted from the Farscape Blu-Ray boxed set:

1.) “Jeremiah Crichton” (No, scratch that, it’s on there, but the vote was very close.)

26 thoughts on “Farscape on Blu-Ray!”

  1. At least Jeremiah Crichton has John (finally) losing it with all the human putdowns, and the lightsabre duel.

    Don’t you think you could at least Lucas out the screaming blue monkeys?

    (and I personally would love to hear the commentaries on the other commentaries . I mean it has to be better than the Starlog interviews where they’d quote actors out of context to another to rev up the backstabbing.)

    1. Lose the screaming blue monkeys?! But they’re so handsome!

      I think they’re not going to release the commentaries on the commentaries until they record some new commentaries on the commentaries on the commentaries. (Perhaps in 3-D.)

      1. Oooh 3D. Everyone likes it better in 3D.
        *thinks over the aliens in Ugly Truth* On the other hand, maybe it’s best not to make it look like they’re just jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else … and something something original artistic intent something integrity.

        ..tho a commentary on the commentary of the commentary on the commentaries in 3D could make MST get right back on the air. Rygel and Pilot with Johnny looming outside the TV bickering over thrown popcorn while Brian complains they are ripping off his Muppets in Space commentary.

        If you find the blue monkeys too handsome to lose, could we at least dub over their lines? Preferably in a language untranslated to humans, of course.

  2. I did NOT threaten to sue about the crossover. I believe the word “drive by” was bandied about, but not a lawsuit. Lawyers cost money.

      1. Forget the drive by. I have an even better fanfic to be made into a Farscape episode. “The 300 Harry Farscape Twilight’s of the Caribbean:Episode 7” Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of television?

  3. HOLY CRAP I would pay good money to listen to Claude reading FanFic or anything frankly.

    Also it’s terribly sad that the episode “Hynerial Disease” was never made. There really does need to be more awareness about it to take away the stigma. *nods*

      1. The fanfic group reading was tried, but we all got no further than the first page (and some line about “John’s pulsing pistol”) before collapsing in giggles and being unable to continue.

        1. well it is quite pulse-y, which is a huge improvement on puss-y…. this reply is not heading the right direction… or is it?

    1. Agree about raising awareness to take away the stigma. It takes far too long for the stigma to get crusty and fall off by themselves.

      Not to mention that the “Hynerial Disease” ep was also going to be not only a (Merry Frelling) Christmas ep but also a Musical ep, complete with Rygel and Chiana singing “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Syphilis”…

          1. OH you mean like as in care for her mental health…

            HAVE you heard the things she’s read?! :/ Fanfic has nothing on some of it O_o

            I quite possibly need to apologize for listening to them.

  4. Cate Blanchett?? Was Meryl Streep not available?!

    I almost responded to the last post about what a treat it was to see you til I realized it was from the 2010 con! In any event, it was a TREAT! Hope to catch you again soon (Dragoncon??) and this time I won’t leave early, even if Ben Browder is doing SHIRTLESS photo ops down the hall!

    I like the sitcom idea? Too bad “Three’s Company” is already taken – “Badder Than You” maybe? “Two Girls, A Guy, and a Wormhole Fixation”? I’ll work on it…

    1. Oh please Marie you know we would both bolt and run if Ben did shirtless photo ops. Or even if he was just shirtless…
      However if Ricky was shirtless that would be a conundrum!

      Also my autocorrect needs to stop trying to change “shirtless” to shortness among others :l

  5. Passed the computer to Fred to read this entry, and he quite literally LOL’ed. We’ve been working our way through the blu-ray set, and had just gotten to your #1…

    Missed seeing everyone (again) this year. Looking forward to your fabricat– er, that is, colorful renderings, of events at the con. 😉

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