Yet Another Farscape Convention

FrooniumRicky at the 2010 Farscape convention
Photo by Tina Gill

A few random musings on attending and speaking at the 2010 Farscape Convention

  • Farscape has the Best Fandom Ever. Lunatics all, but charmingly so.
  • The Los Angeles Right Under the LAX Approach Path Marriott Hotel has perhaps the worst public address system I’ve ever heard; my ears are still bleeding.
  • Ben Browder is still pretty. And funny.
  • Ditto Fran, only moreso.
  • Public speaking is much more fun if you wing it entirely with little or no regard for the truth.
  • When e’er my profession seems drab or burdensome, I have only to remember two words: writer groupies.
  • Few people live up to the sobriquet raconteur as well as Jonathan Hardy.
  • Did I mention that our fans are utterly crazy?
  • Nobody holds a candle to Virginia Hey, because she makes her own.
  • A Farscape con is the one place on Earth where I can’t say “I’ll be easy to spot because I’ll be wearing a Mambo Loud Shirt.”
  • ETA: Thanks for the happy snap, Tina!

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