Froon’s Farscape Watch, s1e02

“I, E.T.” (season 1, episode 2)

• Written by Sally Lapiduss, directed by Pino Amenta •

And to forestall a bunch of “what is the ‘correct’ episode order?” questions: I’m calling this ep 2 because it was production number 10102, so I always thought of it as ep 2. Continue reading “Froon’s Farscape Watch, s1e02”

Froon’s Farscape Watch, s1e01

It’s 19 March, aka “Farscape Day”, and that strikes me as the perfect time to (finally) crack open the Blu-Rays and rewatch the series… something I haven’t done in, well, ever. I probably haven’t watched most of these eps since they first aired, so this should be… interesting. (Well, interesting to me, anyway.) Continue reading “Froon’s Farscape Watch, s1e01”

Top Ten Other Ways Farscape’s Last Episode Could’ve Ended

Back in 2003, Farscape aired its last* episode, “Bad Timing.”

Farscape Episode 88's Last Shot
Last shot of Farscape’s “Bad Timing” Episode 88

SPOILERS TO FOLLOW: The episode, written by the sadistic genius David Kemper, concluded, shall we say, not very well for our heroes, with yet another OH MY GOD season-ending cliffhanger, and yet another “To Be Continued” card at the fadeout. And then…

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The Elements of Television

Element Froonium
Element Froonium. Click for details.

I was channel-surfing with my obnoxiously precocious six-year-old niece Gabby (her full name is Gabrielle Callisto Aphrodite Zimbelman; she was conceived at a Xena convention) when we stumbled upon a rerun of Blaster Patrol. “My favorite show! Did you write this one, Uncle Ricky?” Continue reading “The Elements of Television”