I saved the receipt…

…but I can’t seem to find the warranty. Probably expired anyway.

Receipt of Joy
As they say, it’s not the initial investment, it’s the upkeep.

Three decades ago today, Cheryl and I tied the noose¬†knot in a lovely restaurant garden in Corona del Mar (and I’m told that, to this day, no grass will grow on that spot).

It was my second marriage and her first, which of course means that she had an excuse but I should’ve known better… and yet here we are.

One Valentine’s Day when I was in Sydney and she was in Los Angeles, I faxed (yes, children, this was a very long time ago)¬†her a homemade Valentine which I signed “Your first husband.”

She promptly faxed me back a Valentine of her own, signed “Your last wife.”

Amen to that.

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