Top Ten Other Ways Farscape’s Last Episode Could’ve Ended

Back in 2003, Farscape aired its last* episode, “Bad Timing.”

Farscape Episode 88's Last Shot
Last shot of Farscape’s “Bad Timing” Episode 88

SPOILERS TO FOLLOW: The episode, written by the sadistic genius David Kemper, concluded, shall we say, not very well for our heroes, with yet another OH MY GOD season-ending cliffhanger, and yet another “To Be Continued” card at the fadeout. And then…

…we found out that the season-ending cliffhanger was going to be the series-ending cliffhanger, because Farscape had been canceled.

Which posed a question: should we change the ending of “Bad Timing”? Should we leave the “To Be Continued” on there or not?

The overwhelming sentiment among the Farscape crew was to leave it just as it was, and so the ending of the episode aired without changes, “To Be Continued” and all.

However! We did discuss a drenload of alternate ideas for the last shot other than “To Be Continued”… and here are the top ten!


9.) We Tried to Talk DK Out of This… Okay, Actually, No, We Didn’t

8.) Th- th- th- th- th- that’s all, Folks!

7.) That’s How the Nookie Cookie Crumbles

6.) The Fans Said They Wanted Crichton and Aeryn Together, Forever and Inseparably. DONE!

5.) To Be Rebooted


3.) Had We More Budget, Moya Would’ve Gotten Zapped Too, so Count Your Blessings

2.) Go Thou and Do Likewise (and Thanks for Watching)

1.) And the number-one alternate Farscape last shot (CLICK TO REVEAL):

Farscape Episode 88's Alternative Last Shot

*P.S.: “To Be Continued” did, indeed, turn out to be prophetic; “Bad Timing” was Farscape’s “last” episode only until the astonishing “Save Farscape” fan campaign helped make possible a four-hour Farscape miniseries which concluded the story…


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  1. Great list! I believe the season wasn’t what it seemed and always will. Destroying Moya would have crossed a line though 😉

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