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Head over to and watch (or rewatch) Chapter One, go behind the scenes to learn more about the Fusion universe and our brilliant cast and crew, and join the Fusion community forums and post anything (well, within reason) you like… criticism, questions, fanart, fanfic.

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  1. Mysterious Stranger says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye out hoping for an announcement like this. Definitely can’t wait to try the new playground equipment. Keep us posted and we’ll spread the word.


  2. SunKrux says:

    I know you said fanfic and my fanfic muse has taken a holiday, but my icon making muse hasn’t. So here’s a wee bit o’fan art.
    Jasmine Fairchild icon –
    Rocco Banyon icon –
    Jasmine/Rocco Fusion icon –

    More to come when I have time. Images snurched from the Fusionbeta site. Thank you! 😀

  3. Urpling says:

    Had a good nosey through cast/crew pages. Always of interest. Thanks for sharing!

    Hmm…Rocco Banyan…now why does that sound familiar? (A touch of the Wa & SKo (the blue thieves in I-Yensch, you-Yensch), ‘DK’, Charrid tats etc. in FS? 😀 )

    Can you suggest to your webmaster/mistress that s/he codes in a ‘back button’ on the cast/crew pages? [You can always nav or open in a new tab, of course, but you’ll still get caught out on the first page you open! 🙂 ]

    I wonder if StrikeTV will be part of a bigger indi-becomes-pop movement… (i.e. WeThink: Charles Leadbeater …seminal shifts emerging from human dearth & tech ubiquity? …Unstoppable, passionate, focused commitment oozing from the cracks of corporate behemoths and byte-sized trends?

    But right now, what *Fusion* needs now is some hard currency, not my philosophising…


    • Familiar? How so?

      “Back” button is Installed! (How’s that for service?) Good idea. We had the cast/crew pages set to open in new windows, but that only worked if you linked from the full cast/crew page; if you linked from the sidebar “Pages” list, you were indeed stranded on a new page with no obvious way back. Fixed, and now only off-site pages open up in a new window (unless we’ve missed any).

      Currently I have No Idea what StrikeTV and indie productions like Fusion will turn out to be part of (and I don’t think the StrikeTV folk do either; we’re all just trying out something new and we’ll see where it goes)… but I do think the trend is gonna be away from the corporate behemoths (and their oozing cracks) and toward a more peer-to-peer, if you will, relationship between artists (of all types) and patrons (I can’t bring myself to use the word ‘consumers’)… something much more two-way and participatory rather than the age-old corporate paradigm of “buy our product and then shut up and go away.” At least here’s hoping.

      • Urpling says:

        “Familiar? How so?” you ask. You’re kidding me, right? The name to which I allude to rhymes with ‘Stop-the-XO’s-cannon’. :wince: Gawd, I’m so trying to be discrete here, bro!

        Oh, thank you so much for the back buttons!!! A stoned monkey wouldn’t miss ‘em! 😀

        FYI: I test-drove your new site using two browsers: Opera (my default) and IE. I use Opera because it uses *standard protocols only*. It’s compatible with a popular open source OS which I use. (Non-standard protocols are covertly slipped in to certain Web-building software to ensure that a Mighty Software company retains its monopolistic ubiquity.)

        Like you, I totally love P2P stuff, at every level…right down to the apps I use!

        For what it’s worth, in Opera, the *Fusion’s* trailer page has some errant white dots and underscores that don’t appear in IE. (Your Webmaster/Mistress probably tested using I.E/Firefox & Moz/Chrome/Safari but perhaps not Nestscape/AO and Opera…?)

        Yeah, I too look forward to a well contained/structured but openly collaborative artistic process in the future, Froon.

        Hugs to you and yours.

        • Would I kid you?

          Trailer page: Weird. I use Opera as well (hate IE) and the trailer page looked fine. Dots and underscores were my idiot webmaster’s quick-and-dirty way to space the elements (because WordPress eats “superfluous” non-break spaces), but they were set to be Black so as not to show on black background, so why your Opera showed them as White, I dunno. Anyway, I beat the idiot webmaster with a piece of official Fusion rebar so he’d space the elements the Right way, and now all the dots and underscores are banished. Thanks for the heads-up, and hugs back atcha.

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